New Host

The ns.electronichealth.net.au domain is now hosted under the namespaces.digitalhealth.gov.au domain which is managed by the Australian Digital Health Agency (The Agency).


The ns.electronichealth.net.au domain is used for allocating namespaces.

These namespaces are used in both the Agency specifications and non-Agency specifications (most notably some of the specifications from Standards Australia IT-014).

Who is this site for

Namespace are a technical feature used by computer programs.

If you are a clinician or user of medical software you have come to the wrong place. There is no information on this site about clinical issues. Please ask the person or organisation who directed you to this site to provide you with the correct information that you need.

This site only contains material of interest to information technology or computer science professionals. A user should never see or need to know anything about namespaces.

How to use this site

Download ZIP files containing the XML Schema and WSDL files associated with the namespaces.

Browse a list of the allocated namespaces.